“Histoscope” #NewUpdate is out !

“Histoscope” #NewUpdate is out !

Here is the big list :


– NEW: “Send to Sum” (sigma symbol) option added (special slot capable to receive Aux tracks signal).
– NEW: 4th Aux Track slot added.
– NEW: Customizable Max Value added (Shift key over the dB Guideline number box). It can act like a vertical zoom.
– NEW: Show ONLY “this layer” function added, you can now “solo”/ display only one layer. Keeping pressed Alt key will display.
– NEW: S+/- mode added. This mode allows to observe phase opposed sides.
– NEW: True peak meters added for each slot (press Shift key when above Aux tracks slots).
– NEW: Improved UI for Show/hide function.
– NEW: A marker has been added to “Aux Tracks” displaying the color of currently selected layer.
– NEW: Audioreactive animation on each “Aux Track”.
– NEW: “Show / hide Palette” button now keeps its state when a layer of the same Aux track is chosen.

– FIX: When disabled, follow mode deactivates selected track tracking, it avoids the undo history issue and also reduces latency induced by Live API.
– FIX: Grid unit is now bar instead of beat (reflects Live one).
– FIX: Cursor infos shortcut (shift) doesn’t appear anymore when an action tool is used.
– FIX: Init issue for some users (tempo sync).
– FIX: Minor fixes.

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James Knights Facebook fb.me/breakinscienc3

James Knights Facebook facebook.com/breakinscienc3