I’d be willing to pay

I’d be willing to pay decent money 💴 if anyone here has deep Ableton knowledge and can help to teach me how to upload tracks off of my Yamaha MOXF6 synth to Ableton. My MOXF6 has midi out and should be able to. Important: I need the tracks to be able to be uploaded individually on Ableton just like I recorded them on there. $150 to do this and walk me through at least song and teach me. If you actually know you should be able to do this within an hour or two so good money. Pay after success only. Will do via Zoom or Microsoft Teams we can share screens.

Please do not reach out unless you are sure you can do this, or at least close to sure. From what I read I should be able to do all these things, I’m just not tech savvy enough to figure it out.

James Knights Facebook fb.me/breakinscienc3

James Knights Facebook facebook.com/breakinscienc3