Wavetable is an extremely powerful

Wavetable is an extremely powerful synthesizer! Find out how to create awesome patches using just it and a few stock effects, in this Sound Design Tutorial: youtu.be/d48IOh2kQgY

We’ll see how to create a classic sounding Pad using the Detuning technique, how to generate a contemporary and very characterful Bass sound thanks to the Sync Sweep technique and how to design evolving and unpredictable sounds using Crazy and Randomic Modulations.

While doing that we’ll see how to use all of the Wavetable main features: wavetable oscillators, oscillator effects, filters, LFOs, envelopes, modulation matrix and more.

We’ll also make use of some beautiful sounding presets for the Chorus-Ensemble, Corpus, Reverb and Echo effect devices, tweaking their parameters to fit the sounds we’ll design together.
Hope you’ll enjoy! 😉

James Knights Facebook fb.me/breakinscienc3

James Knights Facebook facebook.com/breakinscienc3