Hello! Iv´e got a problem

Hello! Iv´e got a problem with ableton and other audio softwares. When Im working in ex ableton or Rekordbox, I can´t use other websites that include audio. Say for ex I´m in ableton, and I want to watch a tutorial on youtube for something, I can´t because my pc won´t let youtube work as an audio source, same goes with rekordbox, If I wanna make a playlist I can´t listen to my music outside the program. I have to shut it down first.

Anyone else who experienced this and now how to solve it? This is a new problem that came up last week (so I know it´s not about my hardware), and yesterday I had enough so would really appriciate your tips, thanks! 🙂

James Knights Facebook fb.me/breakinscienc3

James Knights Facebook facebook.com/breakinscienc3