Stretch your comfort zone when

Stretch your comfort zone when making music (fastest way to improve)⁣

For a while I got used to making simple hip-hop beats and I stuck with it because I felt confident but I knew I was going to get complacent if I didn’t start expanding soon.⁣

I was low-key intimidated by other genres like Trap, EDM, Future Bass, because I didn’t know where to start.⁣

Eventually I just tackled it head on and used reference tracks to guide me along the way. ⁣

The hardest part was getting started but in the end I was able to make some pretty satisfying tracks that I never thought I would be able to do so quickly.⁣

This gave me a massive confidence boost and it felt so great knowing that I overcame something I was afraid of.⁣

So if there are other genres you want to dive into but are not sure where to start don’t worry. That’s completely normal and we all experience it.⁣

You can use reference tracks to understand how the songs are structured. How the sounds are layered. And from there the little intricate details that take it to the next level.⁣

It’s important to break things down step-by-step so you don’t overwhelm yourself. I think that’s where people get lost and give up too soon. ⁣

Systemizing your workflow is what will help you finish consistently and get good results.⁣

Just wanted to share my recent experiences. I hope everyone is crushing it with their music goals today!⁣

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