Vocals processing advice needed: I

Vocals processing advice needed:
I have a raw wav vocal file which was recorded on a nice mic in a vocal booth with zero processing and it sits flat as is in the mix(simple jungle beat with basic buzzy bass and plan on incorporating pads). I have played around with compression and reverbs, amplifier models etc but still comes off as low fi next to the tight drum sounds. Id like to warm and round out her sound and make it pop a bit.
Can you suggest any methods, or even a basic initial processing regiment for raw vocals? She does not need to sound 100 percent natural or unprocessed. Open to varied suggestions including the far out, like vocoded sorts of sounds etc.
Would using some sort of side chaining help?
I havent used ableton in over 10 years and am new to this sort of processing.
I have the ableton 10 suite and would prefer to use what is included unless the plug ins are free.
I can send a vocal sample if interested but it will have to happen later as I havent chopped the file up yet and cant get to it til later.
Thank you!

James Knights Facebook fb.me/breakinscienc3

James Knights Facebook facebook.com/breakinscienc3